At the age of globalization, we must know English as it is the language of global communications. The English language has been an important medium of the press for four hundred years. And the English language is used in the media, press, advertising, broadcasting, cinema, popular music, international travel, ensuring international safety, education and communications. On the contrary, Literature is the reflection of our society. Everything that happens within a society can be written, recorded in and learned from a piece of Literature. Literature provides insights, knowledge or wisdom and emotion towards the person. Life is manifested in the form of Literature. 


The vision of the department is to create and disseminate knowledge to ensure quality education, researches and professional development. The goal of the department is to advance the frontier of academic research in the fields of language and literature. It wants to pave the way to enter into the world of advanced knowledge. And it has been also contributing to every phase of society through different sorts of educational and creative activities.


  • To promote opportunity for students to develop as creative independent thinkers and leaders.
  • To provide research facilities so that the students can develop their full intellectual, social and personal potentials.
  • To provide knowledge, skills and abilities to transform human resource into human capital.
  • To instil ethical concern and social responsibility among students.
  • To prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

All Of Our Programms

BA HON'S (4 Years)

It is an undergraduate honors course. It is offered in various specializations such as history, sociology, economics, mathematics, political science, anthropology and languages.

MA (2 Years)

You gain a clear, confident and advanced understanding of the subject while receiving intensive coaching in academic study and writing. Language and study support are also given in the first year to help you achieve your full potential.

MA (1 Years)

Choosing between a one-year or two-year master's program depends on your goals and preferences. A 1-year master's is quicker and more focused, while a two-year program like an online masters data science degree allows deeper exploration and specialization.

Why Choose Us?

Students Outcomes:

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Meet Our Core Faculty Members

We are privileged to have the enthusiastic member on board, enriching the academic experience and fostering a culture of excellence within the Department of English at FCUB.

Mst. Ummay Tohfa

Assistant Professor and Chairman

Department of English

Arjina Akhter


Department of English

Md. Abu Bokkor Siddik


Department of English

Md. Mamun Sardar


Department of English

Why We Are Best

Department of English stands out as a beacon of excellence for several reasons.



In teaching English language and literature, it’s crucial to adopt dynamic and interactive methods that cater to diverse learning styles. Incorporating multimedia resources, such as videos, podcasts, and interactive online platforms, can enhance engagement and comprehension. 



Augmented reality (AR) apps can overlay textual analysis tools or interactive annotations onto literary texts, fostering deeper comprehension and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) tools for language learning, such as chatbots for conversation practice or language analysis algorithms for personalized feedback, can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of language acquisition.



Through the study of English language and literature, students not only acquire linguistic proficiency but also develop critical thinking, communication, and empathy skills essential for success in today’s interconnected world. Literature serves as a mirror reflecting society, enabling students to explore diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences.


Tips and Tricks

To excel in English language and literature, students should cultivate a multifaceted approach that combines language skills practice with literary analysis and creative expression. Daily reading habits, whether novels, poetry, or news articles, can expand vocabulary, improve comprehension, and inspire creativity.

We Believe in Humanity

We Care For Our People

We Serve the Nation

Department of English, FCUB

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