Message from the Chairman

Mst. Ummay Tohfa

Department of English, FCUB

At the age of globalization, we must know English as it is the language of global communications. The English language has been an important medium of the press for four hundred years. And the English language is used in the media, press, advertising, broadcasting, cinema, popular music, international travel, ensuring international safety, education and communications.

On the contrary, Literature is the reflection of our society. Everything that happens within a society can be written, recorded in and learned from a piece of Literature. Literature provides insights, knowledge or wisdom and emotion towards the person. Life is manifested in the form of Literature.

English language and Literature is very much effective for our daily life. For this reason, we should learn English language and Literature. Hence, from my part, I welcome you all to the English Department of FCUB and lots of best wishes.


Our mission is to cultivate knowledge, offer high-quality education, and encourage academic research among FCUB faculty. We strive to shape students into skilled professionals in their fields.


Our vision, "Education for Excellence," drives us to be the foremost resource for national and global leadership in education, finance, culture, society, and politics. We aim to equip students for success in education and the competitive global arena.