M.A. in English (2 years)

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Course Curriculum

M.A. in English (2 Years)

Total Semesters: 04

Total Credit Hours: 66

Total Course Period: 06 Months ´ 04 = 02 Years (24 Months)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ENG-1001Introduction to English Literature03
ENG-1002Four Skills Development (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing)03
ENG-1003History of English Literature03
ENG-1004Literary Criticism03
ENG-1005Poetry from Chaucer to Pope03
ENG-1051Romantic Poetry03
ENG-1052Elizabethan to Restoration Drama03
ENG-1053Prose from Bacon to Burke03
ENG-1054Victorian Literature03
ENG-1055Fundamentals of Language Teaching03
ENG- 1101Shakespeare
ENG- 1102Translation Studies03
ENG- 1103Modernism to Postmodernism03
ENG- 1104Reading Literature Post colonially03
ENG- 1105Contemporary American Ligature03
ENG- 1106Contemporary Classics in Translation03
ENG- 1151Literary theory03
ENG- 1152Feminist Writing03
ENG- 1153Cultural Studies03
ENG- 1154Literature and the Environment03
ENG- 1155English as a World Language03
ENG- 1156Research Methodology and Dissertation03