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Course Curriculum

B.A. (Honours) in English

Total Semesters: 08

Total Credit Hours: 123

Total Course Period: 06 Months ´ 08 = 04 Years (48 Months)

Course Code
Course TitleCreditsCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
ENG-101Four Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing)03ENG-501Elizabethan & Jacobean Dramas
ENG-102Spoken English & Phonetics03ENG-50217th Century Literature03
ENG-103Remedial Grammar03ENG-503
Restorational & 18th Century Literature
ENG-104Basic Bengali Language Skills03ENG-504Romantic Poetry03
ENG-105Introduction to Poetry03ENG-505The English Novel From Austen to Hardy03
ENG-201From Paragraph to Essay03ENG-601Victorian Prose & Poetry03
ENG-202History of England03ENG-602American Literature-I03
ENG-203English for Professional Purpose03ENG-603American Literature-II03
ENG-204Academic Writing03ENG-604Modern English Literature03
ENG-205Introduction to Prose & Drama03ENG-605South Asian Literature in English03
ENG-301History of Bangladesh03ENG-701African & Caribbean Literature in English03
ENG-302History of English Literature03ENG-702Literary Criticism & Theory03
ENG-303Basic Philosophical Concepts03ENG-703Western Classics in Translation03
ENG-304Basic Computer Skills03ENG-704Asian Classics in Translation03
ENG-305Renaissance Poetry & Prose03ENG-705Latin American Classics in Translation03
ENG-401Bangladeshi Art & Culture03ENG-801Introduction to Linguistics03
ENG-402Introduction to Sociology & Anthropology03ENG-802Introduction to English Language Teaching03
ENG-403Introduction to Bengali Literature03ENG-803Teaching Language through Literature03
ENG-404AOld English Literature in Translation02ENG-804Language and Media03
ENG-404BVIVA VOCE01ENG-805Research Methodology03
ENG-405Medieval English Literature in Translation03ENG-806Discourse Analysis & VIVA VOCE03